Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I heart primroses

Don't you love it when a flower you thought was past it comes back to life. It always makes me smile.
I loved this primrose right from the start as it flowers in multiple colours. You can see it in it's original flowering state here

Side note : : (And don't you lovhow the universe sends you crazy little reminders. I'd forgotten I was almost at the three quarter point of my 29 @ 29 project until I went searching for the original photo of the primroses. Now I have something else to blog about - yay!)

The primrose has flowered again and it's beautiful. So beautiful in fact that I attempted to use one of my Instax photos to capture it. 

Side note 2 : : (and failed miserably...I have pinned the attempt to the wall with a note saying "practice makes perfect" so it's not a completely wasted shot!)

here are the digital versions instead that came out beautifully...

Side note 3 : : (the boy as managed to stop certain letters on the keyboard working withis fondness of banging the keyboard so I have to go away and find them elsewere and copy and paste them so that my words make sense. He did it before and it miraculously fixed itself. Here's hoping it does that again!) Fingers crossed I'e caught all of the missed letters!

Hope you're having a wonderful week :-)

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