Friday, November 12, 2010

Recipe: Tim Tam Truffles

I saw a mention of Tim Tam Truffles on Cafe Chick's blog and couldn't resist clicking through to the recipe on Mrs Cake's blog. When I saw how short the list of ingredients was and how easy the truffles looked to make I knew I had to give it a go.
So while my lovely husband spent quality time with the bubby on Sunday I very happily bashed a pack of Tim Tams up with a rolling pin and made me some truffles!
I love Tim Tams and actually have a confession to make. There was a pack of Tim Tams in my hospital bag and they were the first thing I ate after the baby was born!

Into the freezer they went and half an hour later I melted some chocolate and made a complete mess trying to coat them in chocolate. It was lots of fun.

Given how tasty these truffles are and how easy they are to make I am definetly planning to box some of these up for Christmas presents. Possibly in origami gift boxes (if I do it - I'll be sure to post some pictures and instructions for folding the boxes - I made them for my wedding favours last year so hopefully I can still remember how to do it!)

So if you like truffles and you like Tim Tams I suggest heading over to Mrs Cake's blog to find the recipe :-)

For those of you in the UK I would suggest that Penguins are probably the closest things to Tim Tams if you want to give this recipe a try.

If I'm giving these as presents I think I need to get a lot more practice in to make them look pretty!


  1. They look yummy, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh so divine looking! I saw these on Cafe Chick's blog too and now you have both made them and said how easy they are, I'm definitely going make some. We have a staff tea party this week so I think this will be the perfect treat.

  3. Thanks Rachel and Jacksta - I thoroughly recommend them and they are pretty quick to make!

  4. Hi Kelly :-)
    Let me know how you get on. I'm gonna try them with White Chocolate Tim Tams next and then hopefully do a mixture for Crimbo presents.

  5. I'm so glad you had success with these. I ran out of melting chocolate so didn't make it to the decorating stage but loved how the dipped truffles tasted. I have about 15 frozen centres waiting for my next supermarket shop. Great idea to package them in boxes for Christmas - I might do something similar. I put a dozen of these in a clear cellophane bag and wrapped it with some wide ribbon - looked great!

  6. Hi Cafe Chick :-)
    I'm jealous you have 15 left in the freezer - mine disappeared rather quickly! So quickly that I bought some white choc Tim Tams today to try those.
    Have fun decorating them :-)

  7. these look yummy...will have to give them a try, thanks for sharing Katie


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