Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*Right Now*

I am still in my jammies, sat on the bed, with the snuffles, drinking lemon and honey, with a billion thoughts running through my head. So I thought I'd share some.

  • I'm feeling very inspired by Elise, especially her post On Motivation and her workspace
  • I ordered my very own mini Moo cards at the weekend and can't wait for them to arrive
  • I found this lovely, cheap, online jewellry shop yesterday (c/o Juggling Motherhood) and have my eye on this
  • I'm thinking about the seasons and joining in with Seaside Siblings seasonal blog posts
  • I'm baking bread in the breadmaker and haven't bought a loaf in a couple of weeks now
  • I'm trying to decide on a format for Journal Your Christmas. It needs to be simple and easy this year. I really want to capture baby's first Christmas but won't have much time
  • I'm excited to receive my handmade ornaments in the Kiwi Ornament Swap and already have mine designed and almost ready to go
  • I found my envelope maker last night and can see myself making lots of handmade envelopes in the near future
  • I'm thinking about how different life is to a year ago and wondering if I should try and capture a day in the life similar to Clare's Daily post yesterday

Right, baby's nap is done and he's charming me with smiles so that's enough random thoughts for today :-)


  1. Great post, it's made me think about jotting down more random thoughts to remember in the future :)

  2. Thanks Rachel, none of the thoughts seemed to be enough to dedicate a whole post to and I do love writing lists :-)


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