Friday, November 26, 2010

Tim Tam Truffles...2nd time around

I had another go at making Tim Tam Truffles at the weekend. This time I used White Chocolate Tim Tams.

They were delicious. Possibly even better than the ones I made with original flavoured Tim Tams. I also made 30 smaller balls rather than the 20 the recipe states. I made an origami box (looked up these instructions to remind me how) and boxed some up with some ribbon and a tag for a friends birthday.

I am definetly hoping to make a HUGE batch of these and box them up for Christmas. The hardest thing will be giving them away rather than eating them myself!

Short post today because I am hoping to get some envelopes made before baby wakes up from his nap for my Christmas Ornaments to be posted.


  1. these look amazing!! yay, thanks for the idea, I think these will make great teacher gifts this year! :)

  2. I was thinking of trying these with the white chocolate timtams too after reading your last post on them. They look great!

  3. They taste DELICIOUS ladies :-) Well worth a go...might even have to make some this weekend...I think I'm getting addicted!

  4. Ooh they look fab! I think I would have trouble giving them away too!

    One for the box, one for me, one for the box, one for me, one for the.....

  5. They look fantastic! I still have about 14 centres in the freezer waiting to be dipped in melted chocolate. I bought some Tim Tams on sale this week and have two packs sitting in the cupboard waiting to be turned into truffles if they don't get eaten first.


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