Monday, November 8, 2010

Scrapbooking: Strong

It was the quote that prompted this layout rather than the photo. (Normally I choose a photo I want to scrapbook first and then pick the words). I got the quote from my midwife and think it's an awesome way to look at bringing babies into the world. It was Laura Stavoe Harm who said it originally (I've tried searching for more information about her but it seems she is most famous for this quote!). In case you can't read it on the layout the quote reads:

"We have a secret in our culture and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are STRONG"

I'm trying my hardest to not cut up any new sheets of paper at the moment as I have a big box full of scraps and offcuts. All the papers (apart from the big 12 by 12 sheet) were found in my scraps box. I then found some stickers I thought went quite well with the theme (they say "Now is the right time, Let your light so shine", "Courage isn't the absence of fear; it is the conquest of it" and "Prepare to be amazed"), a tag (from Kikki K) and some tear out pretty note paper to write the quote on. I have inked the edges of all the scraps and the tag as well as the page itself.
I think there's a possibility it needs something more. I just haven't worked out what yet :-)

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