Monday, November 15, 2010

Scrapbooking: You've Got Mail

I usually get my photos printed in 4 by 6 size but with my latest batch I accidently got this one ordered in 5 by 7 size. I'm glad I did because it reminded me I don't always have to use small photos to scrap with. I like the way this bigger size looks on the 12 by 12 background.
I snapped this photo when we received a parcel from my Nan (so baby's Great Nan) so I could email a thank you and thought it would be good to scrapbook. We were very spoilt by friends and family when baby was born and received so many parcels.

I used some paper with postmarks/stamps all over it from a scrapbooking calendar I had a couple of years back (there's a different pattern each week and every day has a page for you to scrapbook with) and the lime-ish green paper has been hand stamped with white paint using a beer bottle lid! I couldn't resist rummaging through my button jar to add some different colours and I used ribbon as lines to write my journalling on.

I'm loving how these layouts are gradually piling up and there's a few to browse in baby's scrapbook album now. Plus I now have $10 in my scrapbook stash fund :-)

PS - that strange brown mark isn't on the original layout - I've just 'painted' over the address to post the picture online!


  1. Hi there, thanks for your comments on my blog. I am using an American Crafts album for my JYC. I have decided to try a new size this year and have gone for 8.5x11. I'm hoping to stay on track by doing lots of prep! :)

  2. Hi Katie, you are the lucky winner of my Nativity scene, do convo me on my email, congrats to you and your family. Marie,


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