Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Views from my window

I spend a fair bit of my days looking out my lounge window. The couch is opposite the window and as I sit and feed the baby I admire the gorgeous view. The garden was already well established when we bought this house and I love the mix of colours and that there is something different flowering throughout the year. Now I'm home during the day I hope to take even more notice and maybe even become a less lazy gardener! (Up until now I pretty much just cut the grass).

As mentioned on my 29@29 list I want to find ways to celebrate each season. Having grown up in the UK and being used to cold December's and warm June's I have found myself rather fascinated with the turning of the seasons since experiencing the opposite's here in New Zealand. That's why I want to try and take the time to recognise the changing of the seasons and celebrate the benefits each one brings (I'm thinking digging your toes into the beach in summer and warming up with hot chocolate after a cold, brisk walk in winter).

When I saw that Lou at Seaside Siblings was running a weekly seasonal feature on her blog it got me to thinking that blogging about the seasons is a great way of celebrating them. So while I can't promise a weekly seasonal post or that the posts I do will be posted on Tuesday's I hope to join in in my own little way!

The photos at the top of this post were taken on 26th October and the bottom 2 were taken on the 16th November. What a difference a couple of weeks makes. Don't you just love how Spring breathes life into everything?



  1. Wow, what a lovely view from your window! Beautiful.

    Thanks for joining in.

  2. That's a fab idea, I love the difference in colours :)


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