Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recipe: Cupcakes

G's cousins received little cupcake cases and socks as Christmas presents and it come with a cupcake recipe.
I'd only ever made fairy cakes before and all previous attempts at butter icing had failed so we decided to give the recipe a go and had heaps of fun!
I'm far too lazy in this hot weather to type out the recipe and ingredients list so instead I've taken photos of them for you. Hopefully if you click on them you can see them clearly enough but if not - just let me know and I'll type it out instead!

And here's a picture of our finished article. The cakes were DELICIOUS :-) We split the cake batter into 3 and used 3 different colours and did the same with the icing to make different coloured cupcakes! As the recipe makes 10 we did 3 of each colour and then made 1 multi-coloured cake :-)

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