Wednesday, January 26, 2011

String of Hearts Decoration

As mentioned here I decided to have a go at making some Valentines decorations this year. Here's one I made last week...

and here's how I made it...


What you will need:
  • Some thick paper or cardboard (I used plain pink but you could use patterned paper or a range of colours and patterns)
  • My String of Hearts printout (or you could use a heart punch or diecut if you have one)
  • Some string or thin ribbon (I think mine is about 1 metre long)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I used a gluestick)
I used a thin card and ran that through my printer to print out the hearts. Then I cut them out until I had a nice big stack of them. (Of course I had to make the template in the first place by drawing round the orange heart 12 times!)
You could print it out on plain white paper or card and then colour in or decorate as you wish. Could be a great project for children...

Then I folded the hearts in half lengthways (tip: if you have any ink lines showing - fold them pointing out the way so they will be glued and you won't see them! If you are using patterned paper make sure that is folded in the way)
You need 3 cut out hearts for each heart on the string...

Then I glued a half of 2 hearts together...hope that make sense (if not, hopefully the picture below shows it better) and thread the ribbon through the middle and then glue the third heart in so the ribbon is stuck in the middle.

I started near the top of the ribbon and then spaced the hearts out as I glued them into the ribbon...

It's simple but cute and the baby seems to like watching it twirl in the breeze coming in the back door!


  1. Oooh gorgeous! Love the comment about it twirling in the little monster here would love that!


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