Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stuff we love: Pinterest

Wow, I have found a beautiful place on the internet. It's so inspiring.
If you like inspiration boards or always liked the idea of a scrapbook or pinboard for cutting and pasting pictures...i.e. for home decoration ideas, projects to try etc...this place is AWESOME :-)

It's called Pinterest and I've seen it mentioned on a couple of lovely blogs so decided to pay a visit...

It's basically an online pinboard and you can have various pinboards for different themes. I have a few set up such as 'New Zealand is a beautiful place.' 'Rainbows' and 'Quotes and Cuteness''s a screen dump of my boards so far....

There is a heap of inspiration already on Pinterest which you can re-pin to your own pinboards plus you can add a 'Pin It!' button to your web browser and pin things from wherever you are visiting on the internet. The best thing is that it links back to the original page you pinned from so you can be sharing great websites and pictures etc with lots of other people as well as keeping your own library/board of links.

Seriously it's AMAZING. It's like Flickr favourites but better and so much more. Just be prepared to lose a couple of hours while you browse :-)

At the moment it's invite only but I think as a member I can invite people so leave a comment if you'd like me to send you an invite.

And you can see all my pinboards here.

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