Monday, January 31, 2011

A Month of Love - Valentines Mini-book Project

I spent some time this past weekend getting ready for another Valentines project I want to do.
I have decided to make a mini book with a page each day throughout February. It will be a gratitude journal and each day I will list something I love. If I have time on my hands I might take pictures and write why I love something but not everyday...some days it may just be a few words (and hopefully some pretty paper or stickers!)
I loved journalling Christmas so much over December and early January and I thought it would be great to capture the things I love right now. What better time to celebrate this than the month that features Valentines!?

The other great thing about this project is I can use up some girly scrapbooking supplies. As so many of my scrapbooking layouts recently have featured my baby boy I find I'm not getting to use up the flowers and ribbons and pink papers that I've hoarded and I love. So this is my excuse to bring out the girly stuff and get it used!

So if anyone fancies joining along - here's what I've done to set it up...

I used 3 12x12 bits of card - in 3 shades of pink/purple - and cut them down to 6 4x6 pieces (I will either use my bind it all to put it all together at the end or I might just hole-punch it and use book rings like I did with my Christmas journal)
I've stamped out the dates 1st to 28th February and cut them out ready to go

I've decorated the front cover

And used the inside front cover for my 'mission statement'

I've stamped some journalling spots ready to go and I've gathered up lots of pink girly romance-y supplies

and put it all together in a box so I can keep it close by without making a huge mess!

I might think about doing a short blog post each day about what I love that day and then use that in the book or I might just keep a notepad handy (by the bed is always good so you can do it before you go to sleep) to jot something down each day. Ideally I will make a page a day but might end up doing a few at once.

So does anyone fancy joining in? If you don't fancy making a mini-book you could blog or tweet something you love each day throughout February instead? Would love to hear from you if you want to have a go...


  1. I love the look of your album! I'm joining in too and cant wait to get started :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks Michelle, look forward to seeing your album come together :-)

  4. Gorgeous! Such a lovely idea. I like what you've done with the old jars too.

    I feel inspired to put a photo book together - with my baby's first Birthday on 16th Feb.

  5. Thanks Sarah :-) And good luck with your photo book!


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