Monday, January 24, 2011

Recipe: Chocolate Brownies (in the microwave)

I've seen mention of this recipe in several different places now so I jotted down the ingredients and how to make and gave it a go on Saturday morning.

So simple, so quick, so yummy!

This brownie recipe has ingredients I usually have in the cupboard/fridge and would make an awesome last minute dessert or home baking for morning teas/coffee groups etc.

Rather than type the recipe I've just taken a picture of my handwritten version for you...

 And here's a picture of the finished product. Not the prettiest baking I have to admit but I swear it's yummy!

And so I ended up making one up for my friend whose down for a few days visiting a relative in hospital. I thought it would be the perfect 'emergency' food and included a plastic knife and some napkins for eating on the go :-)

I definitely recommend giving this a go - takes hardly any time at all. I warn you though - it's very hard to stop at one small piece :-)


  1. Does the recipe say 57 minutes or 5-7 minutes, I would think the latter. Looks yummy.

  2. Hi Lusks, sorry for my shocking handwriting :-)
    It's 5 to 7 minutes. Hope this helps and happy baking :-)


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