Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Life (Weeks 13, 14, 15 and 16)

More Project Life pages to share today...I'm amazed I have got this far and love that my album is starting to look half full :-)
For the most part I am completing my pages just after each week: I choose photos on a Sunday, print them on a Monday and then make the pages usually on the Monday or Tuesday.
The pages usually come together pretty quickly. In fact, the trickiest part seems to be taking photos of the pages and cropping them to load here on the blog :-) So I think I will continue to share my pages here each fortnight or month rather than weekly.

Here's a look at weeks 13 to 16...

Week 13 was the week leading up to Easter weekend so my pages feature lots of crochet bunny's as I made 3 in one week! Also included is the canvas and some of the packaging it came in from Maria, a beautiful morning sky and a picture and song words from Mr Mischief's kindy production.

Over Easter we went to Te Papa, the Chocolate Fish Cafe and explored Houghton Bay Beach.

And here's the full spread.

Week 14 - I found my Instax camera and snapped a picture of Mr Mischief (accompanied by the tag from the Thomas pyjamas he got from Easter), we took the bus into town to meet hubby for lunch, we had a  lunch outside (to enjoy the good weather) and I found an awesome book in the local bookshop featuring activities for each season.

On the other side - I got new shoes (!), we got a Chuggington set with some FlyBuys points, I crocheted a baby hat for a work colleague and made some progress on my ripple blanket, we finally made it to Maranui Cafe at Lyall Bay and I got into the spirit of the clocks changing by lighting candles and the oil burner.

Both pages together.

Week 15 was BlogCon week! On the lead up to the big weekend I made my swap partners name tag, we made chocolate cornflake cakes topped with Mini Eggs sent by my Mum in the UK, I picked up an awesome rainbow pencil plate at the supermarket, soaked up some sunshine and we built blocks with Nanny via Skype. (Also included is the monthly card I write with what Mr Mischief is loving, saying and doing).

The most amazing part of this spread is hubby's contribution! He took the 2 photos of Mr Mischief at the top when they went to the Life Flight Open Day whilst I was away in Christchurch. I got him to write the captions for each photo and he also wrote the black and white journalling card about what they got up to while I was away. It's fantastic to have his handwriting and thoughts captured in the album and hopefully I can convince him to join in again soon. 
Also on this page is the Famous Bloggers Panel at Bloggers Connecting, Mr Mischief looking all grown up when I got home and my name badge and "I'm kind of a big deal on my blog" postcard (designed by Stella for the BlogCon goody bags!)

Full Spread....

...but wait, there's more.... 
Of course, my weekend in Christchurch had to have it's own insert. I used a 9 pocket 4x4 page protector with a third cut off.
On the plane ride home I made good use of having my phone on flight mode and instagrammed my favourite 12 shots from the weekend. It was so difficult to pick just 12 but I think these ones tell most of the story (along with the panel one in the main pages above). 

Week 16 seems pretty mundane compared to the previous week but that's what this album is all about - showing every day life! 
On this page we have an Instax photo, a snapshot of my FitBit helicopter badge (for climbing 500 flights of stairs) and a picture of a pansy that came home with me from the garden centre.

Over the page: I finally got my work uniform and my boss snapped a photo so I sent it home to include in my album, I signed up for Michelle Bridges 12WBT (more on that to come!), we went to the Art section of Te Papa and saw the Firefighters challenge along the way. And in the bottom right corner that's movie tickets from a Sunday afternoon date with my husband (complete with wine and tapas at The Embassy - yum!)

And here's both pages together.

Wow - mammoth catch up!
You can see the rest of my Project Life pages here.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adventures in...Christchurch :: Bloggers Connecting

I've had this post on my mind since I was in Christchurch which was 2 weeks ago now! I feel like I've written it so many times already (in my head) but actually sitting down and typing the words has been difficult. I've been distracted and found myself in hibernation mode a bit since the clocks changed. I always seem to slow down a little at this time of the year and coming home from the conference tired meant I was forced to take some time to be quiet and rest up. I'm now at the stage where I want to get more done including an update of this blog and share all the things I've been meaning to for weeks so here goes...

Wow, what a weekend!
On the afternoon of Friday 12th April I headed to Christchurch for the Bloggers Connecting conference. I arrived back at Wellington airport on the Sunday lunchtime and gave me wee boy and husband a HUGE hug.
The time in between was intense, busy, loud, exciting and a HUGE step out of my comfort zone.

Here are some of the things I want to remember...

Waving goodbye to these two for 2 whole nights. It was my first time away from Mr Mischief overnight but he had an awesome time with Daddy.

Meeting Maria - who kindly offered me a room at her house on the Banks Peninsula. It was lovely to meet her and her family and I really enjoyed climbing up the hill by her house in our pyjamas to see the amazing view on Saturday morning and all the talking on the car journeys everywhere.

We shared a lot of stories and it's wonderful to spend time with someone that has had a very different journey to get to New Zealand and great to still find things in common. 

Going back to Christchurch. My last time in Christchurch would have been January 2010 but I was there for work and didn't venture beyond the airport (I was seeing off a group of volunteers). I have fond memories of Christchurch and spending time there with my Mum and my hubby in 2008 in particular. I wasn't looking forward to seeing the city the way it is now but I am so glad I did witness it and got to hear such brave and heart-breaking stories.

Meeting Lauren - my swap partner (we made each other a name tag and swapped a small gift). It was lovely to meet and chat with Lauren after visiting her blog to come up with ideas for her name tag and gift.

The Famous Bloggers Panel and Saturday morning workshops. Amazing to see so many bloggers in one room and so strange to recognise so many people from their blogs but not know yet what their voice sounded like!

Spending Saturday afternoon at The Make Cafe chatting and crocheting in a seat by the window. The concept of this store is fantastic - the craft shop, the cafe and the classes on offer are a great combination and I'll definitely visit again when I'm next in Christchurch.

Meeting like-minded people and arriving at the C1 cafe on Sunday to discover I wasn't the only one ready to  get back into my hoody, jeans and allstars!

Seeing the surreal-ness of Christchurch. Looking across the city from the roof of C1 and struggling to find my bearings as so many of the landmarks are missing. But then spotting a car on the side of a building and taking a double-take and smiling.

So many genius ideas in C1 like the Harry Potter style bookcase/door which opened when you stepped up to it. And the water saving idea of a tap above the toilet cistern for washing your hands.

Taking a tour around the city with the people that have lived there for a long time. Listening to the stories and being able to reconcile the pictures seen in the media with what is actually there. And that's why I am so glad I went. The city looks broken in most of  the pictures seen in the media but there are so many other things going on. So many awesome people doing small things to make others smile. So much beauty amongst the rubble and the re-build.

Seeing a glimpse of some of the beautiful architecture that once filled the city - even if it is a little broken (look at the top of the spire).

Misty mornings and driving through beautiful scenic New Zealand.

Diggers, fences and trucks of rubble everywhere showing that people are want to re-build, get on with things and carry on.

Finding some pretty pansies growing in the CBD.

Beautiful building facades being held up with containers.

Beautiful Autumnal colours and blue trees.

Also not pictured but great memories...
* a look round the Friday night craft market and bringing a few things home and seeing familiar faces as I walked around
* walking into Miriam's house on Friday night to a houseful of chatting bloggers having fun
* a fabulous goody bag containing some lovely things to accompany me home
* dinner at Winnie Bagoes on Saturday night and watching everyone having fun with the photobooth
* chatting with bloggers that I've felt I've known a while through their blogs and swaps and emails (like Juliet from Tartan Kiwi and Megan from Mouse House)

It really was a wonderful weekend and the ladies that put all their time and effort into organising it did an absolutely fantastic job.
I am glad I went :-)

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Looking across to South Island
Sunset from Houghton Bay, Wellington

It's been a while...must be about time for another Today: post...

I am eating: nothing right now but anticipating the bacon roll I have just asked hubby to make me :-) Ooooh, and he's adding a tattie scone (we made a batch over Easter!)

I am drinking: lemsips yesterday and today. I'm not ill but I'm definitely under the weather and trying to feel well for my weekend away next week.

I am listening: to Mr Mischief talking with hubby in the kitchen. He is also singing the Wheels on the Bus interspersed with 100's of questions!

I am wearing: my PJ's - a grey MailChimp t-shirt and pink PJ trousers with penguins all over them.

I am looking at: the screen as I type, the trees outside the window, the sky trying to decide which way the weather will go today.

I am thinking about: the bloggers connecting conference and what I need to do before I leave on Friday and what I need to pack plus how weird it will be leaving hubby and Mr Mischief for 2 nights.

I am watching: this morning we've had a Thomas DVD on we've borrowed from the library. I am loving Miranda at the moment - only just 'discovered' it in the last couple of months and it's really appealing to my sense of humour. We watched an episode last night and I've added the 2nd series to my (new - just joined this week!) Fatso queue.

I am making: a name badge for my bloggers connecting swap partner today hopefully...if I can get the ideas out of my head into something that looks like a name badge...

I am loving: the crispness of Autumn mornings, being able to snuggle under a blanket on the couch, Mr Mischief's endless questions, singing and enthusiasm.

I am missing: a bath - the place we are living in only has a shower and I hadn't realised how much I love warm bubble baths when the weather turns cold.

I am looking forward to: bloggers connecting next weekend, jeans and boots weather, walks on chilly days wrapped up warm, getting more boxes unpacked.

Here are my previous today posts: October 2010, April 2011, November 2011 and January 2012.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project Life Catch-Up (Weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12)

I've managed to stay reasonably up to date with my Project Life album which makes me happy :-)
I did end up with a few weeks to do as I had to pack up my supplies to move house but it didn't take too long to catch up. What really helped was keeping a note of what happened each day and picking photos and jotting down which ones I wanted to use a couple of times each week.
I really love this album and already enjoy looking through the early pages to remember what happened each week. Mr Mischief is also a fan and likes pointing things out in the photos.

Here's a look at weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12!

Week 9 was the week we found out we had 3 weeks notice on our rental - cue panic! As you can see from the photos we still managed to fit in some happy times including the beach, cafe visits and a trip to town. The Remember This card is written by my Mum to Mr Mischief and I love that her handwriting and thoughts are featured. I also took a screenshot of the Trade Me Rental Property app as we spent so much time on there looking for somewhere to live!

By the time Friday rolled around we were ready to chill out and me and hubby headed out for a meal and drinks while Mum babysat. It was lovely. Also included is a picture at Scorching Bay, my beach treasures haul, lots of boxes as packing was well and truly underway and a mosaic of 4 photos from a visit to the Aquarium. The orange card is journalling about welcoming Autumn as it's my favourite season.

Week 9 double spread

Week 10 features a cut out from the paper census (I did our forms online but cut-up the paper version to include in the album) and lots of photos of Mum and Mr Mischief together.

On this side we have a photo of the garden of the new place, a road trip to Palmy for a wedding and catching up with coffee group. The little red tickets are from the Esplanade train - Mum and Mr Mischief took a ride while me and hubby were at the wedding.

Confession/Note: I haven't completely finished the Week 10 layout as I need to add an insert for the wedding. I have the wedding invite, a photobooth photostrip of me and hubby and some photos snapped at the wedding. The invite and photostrip are "odd" sizes and I have't quite figured out how to get them into a pocket. I may have to be brave and fight with my sewing machine to make my own sized pockets...we will see. When I figure it out I'll try to remember to blog the insert.

Week 10 full spread

Week 11 features a folded journalling card with the text from this blog post. Also a snapshot of the weather from where Mum was headed back too (she wasn't impressed it was snowing there!) and some screenshots of skype calls with family around the world.

Mum's last meal was fish n chips at Lyall Bay which was yummy! Sorry for all the blanks on this page - there's lots of mention of addresses so I thought it best to blank it all out! Also featured photos of Mr Mischief with me and hubby and Mr Mischief enjoying pancakes for brunch.

Week 11 full spread

Monday of Week 12 was moving day so we were all pretty exhausted by this point. The paper in the 1st 3x4 journalling pocket is cut out from a Metlink (Wellington public transport) leaflet. I saved it for ages as it features some iconic Wellington images and I figured moving within the city was a good excuse to use it!

I mosaic-ed 2 photos of Mr Mischief enjoying orange for this page (his favourite fruit at the moment) and also included the boys playing on the deck, a portrait of the dog, happiness at handing in keys for the old place (a weight was lifted and we could focus on getting the new place unpacked once that was done!), a card from a cafe we visited and an early Easter parcel arriving from the UK.

Week 12 full spread

Phew - well done if you lasted this far! Apologies that the quality of the photos isn't great - it's a grey day here and hard to get decent photos of the layouts.
I finished the Week 13 (last week) layout yesterday and will blog that with Week 14 once that's done.

Are you doing Project Life? If so please leave me a note with your blog address here in the comments so I can come by and visit :-)


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