Saturday, April 6, 2013


Looking across to South Island
Sunset from Houghton Bay, Wellington

It's been a while...must be about time for another Today: post...

I am eating: nothing right now but anticipating the bacon roll I have just asked hubby to make me :-) Ooooh, and he's adding a tattie scone (we made a batch over Easter!)

I am drinking: lemsips yesterday and today. I'm not ill but I'm definitely under the weather and trying to feel well for my weekend away next week.

I am listening: to Mr Mischief talking with hubby in the kitchen. He is also singing the Wheels on the Bus interspersed with 100's of questions!

I am wearing: my PJ's - a grey MailChimp t-shirt and pink PJ trousers with penguins all over them.

I am looking at: the screen as I type, the trees outside the window, the sky trying to decide which way the weather will go today.

I am thinking about: the bloggers connecting conference and what I need to do before I leave on Friday and what I need to pack plus how weird it will be leaving hubby and Mr Mischief for 2 nights.

I am watching: this morning we've had a Thomas DVD on we've borrowed from the library. I am loving Miranda at the moment - only just 'discovered' it in the last couple of months and it's really appealing to my sense of humour. We watched an episode last night and I've added the 2nd series to my (new - just joined this week!) Fatso queue.

I am making: a name badge for my bloggers connecting swap partner today hopefully...if I can get the ideas out of my head into something that looks like a name badge...

I am loving: the crispness of Autumn mornings, being able to snuggle under a blanket on the couch, Mr Mischief's endless questions, singing and enthusiasm.

I am missing: a bath - the place we are living in only has a shower and I hadn't realised how much I love warm bubble baths when the weather turns cold.

I am looking forward to: bloggers connecting next weekend, jeans and boots weather, walks on chilly days wrapped up warm, getting more boxes unpacked.

Here are my previous today posts: October 2010, April 2011, November 2011 and January 2012.


  1. Beautiful view! I'm looking forward to all things autumn too. See you next week!

  2. Oh I love Miranda! Excited to see you are working on your name badge, I wonder who that is for (tee hee)!

  3. Hi, Nice to see hubby's spoiling you a bit, hope you feel better soon!!! Love your Today posts!! Enjoy your week-end away and don't fret, they're going to be OK!!

  4. I hope you managed to get to 100% and that you had a great time away!

  5. Loved meeting you at the conference. Wish there had been more time to sit and chat. Buzzing around taking photos rather distracted me :(


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