Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Life (Weeks 13, 14, 15 and 16)

More Project Life pages to share today...I'm amazed I have got this far and love that my album is starting to look half full :-)
For the most part I am completing my pages just after each week: I choose photos on a Sunday, print them on a Monday and then make the pages usually on the Monday or Tuesday.
The pages usually come together pretty quickly. In fact, the trickiest part seems to be taking photos of the pages and cropping them to load here on the blog :-) So I think I will continue to share my pages here each fortnight or month rather than weekly.

Here's a look at weeks 13 to 16...

Week 13 was the week leading up to Easter weekend so my pages feature lots of crochet bunny's as I made 3 in one week! Also included is the canvas and some of the packaging it came in from Maria, a beautiful morning sky and a picture and song words from Mr Mischief's kindy production.

Over Easter we went to Te Papa, the Chocolate Fish Cafe and explored Houghton Bay Beach.

And here's the full spread.

Week 14 - I found my Instax camera and snapped a picture of Mr Mischief (accompanied by the tag from the Thomas pyjamas he got from Easter), we took the bus into town to meet hubby for lunch, we had a  lunch outside (to enjoy the good weather) and I found an awesome book in the local bookshop featuring activities for each season.

On the other side - I got new shoes (!), we got a Chuggington set with some FlyBuys points, I crocheted a baby hat for a work colleague and made some progress on my ripple blanket, we finally made it to Maranui Cafe at Lyall Bay and I got into the spirit of the clocks changing by lighting candles and the oil burner.

Both pages together.

Week 15 was BlogCon week! On the lead up to the big weekend I made my swap partners name tag, we made chocolate cornflake cakes topped with Mini Eggs sent by my Mum in the UK, I picked up an awesome rainbow pencil plate at the supermarket, soaked up some sunshine and we built blocks with Nanny via Skype. (Also included is the monthly card I write with what Mr Mischief is loving, saying and doing).

The most amazing part of this spread is hubby's contribution! He took the 2 photos of Mr Mischief at the top when they went to the Life Flight Open Day whilst I was away in Christchurch. I got him to write the captions for each photo and he also wrote the black and white journalling card about what they got up to while I was away. It's fantastic to have his handwriting and thoughts captured in the album and hopefully I can convince him to join in again soon. 
Also on this page is the Famous Bloggers Panel at Bloggers Connecting, Mr Mischief looking all grown up when I got home and my name badge and "I'm kind of a big deal on my blog" postcard (designed by Stella for the BlogCon goody bags!)

Full Spread....

...but wait, there's more.... 
Of course, my weekend in Christchurch had to have it's own insert. I used a 9 pocket 4x4 page protector with a third cut off.
On the plane ride home I made good use of having my phone on flight mode and instagrammed my favourite 12 shots from the weekend. It was so difficult to pick just 12 but I think these ones tell most of the story (along with the panel one in the main pages above). 

Week 16 seems pretty mundane compared to the previous week but that's what this album is all about - showing every day life! 
On this page we have an Instax photo, a snapshot of my FitBit helicopter badge (for climbing 500 flights of stairs) and a picture of a pansy that came home with me from the garden centre.

Over the page: I finally got my work uniform and my boss snapped a photo so I sent it home to include in my album, I signed up for Michelle Bridges 12WBT (more on that to come!), we went to the Art section of Te Papa and saw the Firefighters challenge along the way. And in the bottom right corner that's movie tickets from a Sunday afternoon date with my husband (complete with wine and tapas at The Embassy - yum!)

And here's both pages together.

Wow - mammoth catch up!
You can see the rest of my Project Life pages here.


  1. It's great how this makes you print the photo's! Something I really need to get in the habit of!

  2. Hi There, Happy memories and beautiful scrapbooking!!!


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