Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project Life Catch-Up (Weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12)

I've managed to stay reasonably up to date with my Project Life album which makes me happy :-)
I did end up with a few weeks to do as I had to pack up my supplies to move house but it didn't take too long to catch up. What really helped was keeping a note of what happened each day and picking photos and jotting down which ones I wanted to use a couple of times each week.
I really love this album and already enjoy looking through the early pages to remember what happened each week. Mr Mischief is also a fan and likes pointing things out in the photos.

Here's a look at weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12!

Week 9 was the week we found out we had 3 weeks notice on our rental - cue panic! As you can see from the photos we still managed to fit in some happy times including the beach, cafe visits and a trip to town. The Remember This card is written by my Mum to Mr Mischief and I love that her handwriting and thoughts are featured. I also took a screenshot of the Trade Me Rental Property app as we spent so much time on there looking for somewhere to live!

By the time Friday rolled around we were ready to chill out and me and hubby headed out for a meal and drinks while Mum babysat. It was lovely. Also included is a picture at Scorching Bay, my beach treasures haul, lots of boxes as packing was well and truly underway and a mosaic of 4 photos from a visit to the Aquarium. The orange card is journalling about welcoming Autumn as it's my favourite season.

Week 9 double spread

Week 10 features a cut out from the paper census (I did our forms online but cut-up the paper version to include in the album) and lots of photos of Mum and Mr Mischief together.

On this side we have a photo of the garden of the new place, a road trip to Palmy for a wedding and catching up with coffee group. The little red tickets are from the Esplanade train - Mum and Mr Mischief took a ride while me and hubby were at the wedding.

Confession/Note: I haven't completely finished the Week 10 layout as I need to add an insert for the wedding. I have the wedding invite, a photobooth photostrip of me and hubby and some photos snapped at the wedding. The invite and photostrip are "odd" sizes and I have't quite figured out how to get them into a pocket. I may have to be brave and fight with my sewing machine to make my own sized pockets...we will see. When I figure it out I'll try to remember to blog the insert.

Week 10 full spread

Week 11 features a folded journalling card with the text from this blog post. Also a snapshot of the weather from where Mum was headed back too (she wasn't impressed it was snowing there!) and some screenshots of skype calls with family around the world.

Mum's last meal was fish n chips at Lyall Bay which was yummy! Sorry for all the blanks on this page - there's lots of mention of addresses so I thought it best to blank it all out! Also featured photos of Mr Mischief with me and hubby and Mr Mischief enjoying pancakes for brunch.

Week 11 full spread

Monday of Week 12 was moving day so we were all pretty exhausted by this point. The paper in the 1st 3x4 journalling pocket is cut out from a Metlink (Wellington public transport) leaflet. I saved it for ages as it features some iconic Wellington images and I figured moving within the city was a good excuse to use it!

I mosaic-ed 2 photos of Mr Mischief enjoying orange for this page (his favourite fruit at the moment) and also included the boys playing on the deck, a portrait of the dog, happiness at handing in keys for the old place (a weight was lifted and we could focus on getting the new place unpacked once that was done!), a card from a cafe we visited and an early Easter parcel arriving from the UK.

Week 12 full spread

Phew - well done if you lasted this far! Apologies that the quality of the photos isn't great - it's a grey day here and hard to get decent photos of the layouts.
I finished the Week 13 (last week) layout yesterday and will blog that with Week 14 once that's done.

Are you doing Project Life? If so please leave me a note with your blog address here in the comments so I can come by and visit :-)


  1. Hi There, This is exactly why I love scrapbooking so much!!! Those memories are captured forever!!! Beautiful pages!!!

  2. Such a great way to capture memories - well done you for keeping it up so well!


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