Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bloggers are awesome...

... in particular - Maria from New Zealand It Is Then!
I am headed to Christchurch in a few weeks for the Bloggers Connecting - Around the Table conference and Maria and her family have kindly offered to billet me during my stay. Maria and I have sent a few emails back and forth getting to know each other and when I explained we were moving house with very little notice and I was a wee bit stressed (that may be a slight understatement!) she asked for my new address so she could send me a little something.

Well yesterday a parcel arrived on the door stop. The first thing that made me smile was the note to the postal service:
"Handle with care, please - handmade gift.
Thank you! A lot :-)"

We carefully opened the parcel (it was a joint effort of Mr Mischief who LOVES getting mail, the dog who has to sniff anything that comes into the house and myself!) and found this gorgeous canvas tucked safely inside....

Isn't it gorgeous? Such lovely bright colours which will brighten up our cream walls wonderfully. Mr Mischief seems to have called dibs on having it up in his room so that's what we will be doing over Easter!

And here's a close-up....

He needs a name I think, I wonder what I should call him?

Thank you so much Maria - you've made the whole family smile and I'm really looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks.
And also - thanks to all of the Christchurch bloggers who are being so welcoming before we even get there and have organised what I'm sure will be an awesome event!


  1. So awesome! What a lovely thing to do and give!

  2. Hi there, I tell you, blogger friends are the best!!! What a beautiful gesture and I am sure you feel quite welcome now!!


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