Friday, March 1, 2013

Project Life :: 2013 (Weeks 7 and 8)

I'm still up to date with my Project Life and I now have an album to store the pages in too! I pre-ordered the Seafoam binder way back in October but it only arrived in NZ this month and I went to collect it once we got home from Auckland.
Here's a look at week 7 and 8...

Week 7 includes a screenshot of a text conversation with my Mum just before she left the UK to come here, some journalling about being busy, a photo from pancake day, a space filler with a label talking about Mum's upcoming visit, a drawing by Mr Mischief (made at the same time he made a Valentine's card for hubby), the yummy orange cake we baked and a selfie with Mr Mischief in the background in the wash-basket (this was part of a challenge of a Project Life group I'm in!)

The right hand side has a photo of the cute little Crobot I win from Leonie's blog, some journalling on Valentine's and some heart shaped biscuits Mr Mischief made at kindy, crochet blanket progress, some journalling about our Saturday and my race number from AMI round the bays. This is the most AWESOME thing about Project Life in my opinion - I usually collect things like this and they tend to lay about because I have nowhere to store them! I've also attached one of the "shoe bling" we got as part of our race pack and journalled all over the blank space including our race times and place numbers.

Week 7 double spread

Week 8 is all about Mum arriving and Auckland! We have a picture of Mum and Mr Mischief with the Sky Tower in the background, our boarding passes for the plane, us on the plane, the Auckland skyline (taken from the ferry), my FitBit showing more than 10,000 steps and some journalling and a photo from when I met Cat and Leonie.

My first insert for week 8 features lots of photos I instagrammed while we were in Auckland. You can read more about what we did in Auckland here.
That's old Kikki K pink giraffe sticky tape on one side and green crocodile tape on the other (it's always fun to use stuff I've hoarded for a while!). The Auckland title uses Auckland themed scrapbook paper I've had in my stash for more than 5 years (scary! but so good to have used it!)

My 2nd Week 8 insert is all about Centre Port Open Day. We spent most of the day there on Saturday and it was heaps of fun. A wee bit of drama when the tug boat we were riding on crashed into the cruise liner - eeek! but we were all okay!

Week 8 right hand side showing Mum, hubby and Mr Mischief at Butterfly Creek just before we flew back to Wellington, some cake after the tug boat incident! Blanket progress, a cut up Auckland map with a ferry ticket and a train ticket attached (more paperwork that it's great to have a home for!), lunch for me and hubby after more open homes and my attempt at a zebra cake as a belated birthday cake for my Mum with Mr Mischief helping her to blow out the candles!

Week 8 double spread (minus the inserts)

And that's the rather busy weeks 7 and 8. Onto the next.... :-)


  1. Wow what an amazing collection of memories you're creating!

  2. Wow, love your pages so full of memories, I wish mine could look just have as good as yours. You have a wonderful imagination!!


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