Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today's the day...hello Wellington

Today's the day we say a final goodbye to Palmy as our home and start living in Wellington. We've been split between the 2 cities for the last few weeks with hubby working there and me and Mr Mischief visiting each week and trying to find somewhere to live.

Last week when we were down we took a walk through Civic Square and over the bridge to the waterfront.

These two signs caught my eye and I thought they'd be a great visual representation of our move here on the blog...

Then it's Wellington we're coming to!
It's time, she says, it's time surely
for us to change lanes, change tongues.
They speak so differently down here.

It's true you can't live here by chance. 
You have to do and be, not simply watch
or even describe. This is the city of action,
the world headquarters of the verb.

I can't wait to get stuck in exploring our new city :-)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Goodbye House

You were the roots that kept me in New Zealand right back near the start when I’d wonder what I was doing here and not on the other side of the world with people I loved.

You were a surprise. A place to meet someone to discuss real estate the weekend we found out we’d been granted permanent residency. We loved you. You had an amazing garden (we kidded ourselves we would keep it that way). You had 3 bedrooms at a time when we didn’t even know how we would fill that much space.

You were where our couple became a family and we welcomed a puppy who’d been a bit battered. He stood at your doors and barked, he peed on your carpets, he shed his hair everywhere.

You witnessed arguments. Not the screaming, throwing and highly strung arguments of our early 20’s but the slow brewing silent arguments that would eventually be gotten over and we would make up.

You stood empty while we headed off to explore New Zealand and other parts of the world. And always welcomed us home with a comfy bed and our own stuff.

You seemed to expand in size to make room for our close friends and relatives that travelled to come to the wedding. You provided great acoustics for many a SingStar competition and lots of space for flying chickens on the Wii. You held my wedding dress, protectively packed and hung up on the curtain rail.

I was sad and hurt and angry when one of your windows was smashed and someone snuck in to steal from us. I didn’t feel safe within your walls for a while after that. We had to replace our belongings but it was more than that that was taken from us.

We didn’t have lots of time to dwell on that thank goodness though as we were preparing for a new addition.

You were where we brought home our 3 day old son in his carseat capsule, sat him on the floor and wondered what the hell to do with him. You were warm and cozy to keep our newborn bundle healthy and well. You stood protectively around us while we spent many sleepless nights and our lives changed unequivocally. You witnessed tears and tantrums when I couldn’t get my head around this ‘being a mother’ thing. You sheltered our little family when we were learning all about each other and how to live together.

You got a little covered with baby sick and spilt milk and then rusk crumbs and other abandoned food. You were a safe place for our baby to explore his world and learn to sit, crawl, stand and walk.

You were decked out in the best Kiwi finery to help us celebrate our citizenship when we finally took the plunge and decided to become New Zealanders.

You held our art, craft projects, photos, memories, laughter, love, tears, sadness, and happiness so well within your walls.

In the end we filled you a little too much. There wasn’t much space leftover. But putting you on the market has meant we’ve tidied up and decluttered and you are looking pretty shiny and special once more.

I hope that whoever lives in you next enjoys you as much as I have. Here’s hoping they’re a better housekeeper though and maintain you a little better.

Thanks house, you’ve been awesome. Goodbye House.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What we've been up to...

Busy, busy.
We found somewhere to live in Wellington - yay!
We looked at quite a few places until we found something that ticked all the right boxes.
We've been busy packing up our life in Palmy and saying goodbye.

And this weekend is going to be manic! The removal company comes early next week to load up our belongings and we will be calling Wellington our new home before the week is out.

Here's what life is looking like at the moment...

enjoying the last days in our decent sized garden

boxes, boxes and more boxes

exploring Wellington city (Civic Square)

exploring the suburbs (the Roxy in Miramar)

did I mention the boxes?

camping out on the 1st night in the new place all together

I have a couple of blog posts ready to roll next week and I'll (hopefully!) see you on the other side!
Take care x

Monday, September 10, 2012

30@30 :: an update

(Wellington Waterfront)

I'm almost at the end of being 30 and haven't updated this list on the blog yet. I'm hoping posting this here will give me a bit of a push to finish some of the items not done yet...

30 @ 30
  1. Lose 1 kg
  2. Lose 1 kg (2kg total)
  3. Lose 1 kg (3kg total)
  4. Lose 1 kg (4kg total)
  5. Lose 1 kg (5kg total)
  6. Lose 1 kg (6kg total)
  7. Lose 1 kg (7kg total)
  8. Lose 1 kg (8kg total)
  9. Lose 1 kg (9kg total)
  10. Lose 1 kg (10kg total)
An update on this whole section - I have lost a few kilos since last October - unfortunately I've not kept them off though so this section is feeling like a giant FAIL. It's very disheartening as I seem to get all fired up and do really well for a week or two with healthy eating and exercise and then it all falls apart. I really need to do something about it and I think it's my mentality I need to change as well as my habits so watch this space. I am hoping to lose a few kg's before my birthday but it won't be all ten. If anyone has any suggestions here or wants to be my health-kick buddy in Wellington let me know!

I can't get my bullets to continue numbering but the next section is items 11 - 30...
  1. Summer blocks - DONE and blogged here
  2. Autumn blocks - not done and not likely to as the blocks will be put away soon for moving. I will get them done before next Autumn starts though!
  3. List 5 items for sale on Felt - I did start making lots of baby hats with the intention of listing them on Felt but then my coffee group all started getting pregnant and having babies so I have been giving the hats as gifts! I am hoping once we get to Wellington to work on this one though so may get something listed before my birthday!
  4. de-clutter and sort out office - IN PROGRESS - and will be done before we move. Putting the house on the market and moving before I turn 31 have helped this one happen!
  5. learn to crochet hats - DONE and blogged here and here.
  6. makeover another cushion - didn't get around to this yet
  7. make mini albums for my 30th and baby's 1st birthday - I made an album for my 30th (blogged here) but not for Mr Mischief's 1st birthday (yet...)
  8. scrapbook at least 10 photos from each month (if I continue with Document 2011 and go on to do it in 2012 this should be covered by that) - I'm a little behind - up until June is complete but am confident this will be done eventually (once I can get back at my scrapbooking supplies!)
  9. Summer 2011/2012 seasonal project 1 - paint the front door - Not done and now not going to happen but I feel okay about that!
  10. Summer 2011/2012 seasonal project 2 - revamp the toadstools in the back garden - DONE and blogged here - I still love them and we will be taking them with us when we move
  11. Summer 2011/2012 seasonal project 3 - de-clutter/clear boxes from dining room - technically this didn't happen in summer but it has happened since so it's DONE!
  12. Autumn 2012 seasonal project 1 - keep a holiday journal while we are away - DONE and I am so grateful to have this record of our trip to the UK. I blogged about it here.
  13. Autumn 2012 seasonal project 2 - bake apple pie - DONE and it was yummy!
  14. Autumn 2012 seasonal project 3 - complete C25K - this is still kind of in progress, have stopped and started a couple of times now but never seem to get past week's definitely high on my to do list once we have moved.
  15. Winter 2012 seasonal project 1 - plant garlic - we didn't get around to this - maybe next winter
  16. Winter 2012 seasonal project 2 - celebrate our citizenship - DONE and blogged here and here.
  17. Winter 2012 seasonal project 3 - celebrate winter solstice - DONE but I didn't get around to blogging about it.
  18. Spring 2012 seasonal project 1 - move to Wellington - IN PROGRESS (given how much of my time this will be taking up it had to feature on my list for Spring!)
  19. Spring 2012 seasonal project 2 -  go along to an event to meet people (once we move to Wellington)
  20. Spring 2012 seasonal project 3 -  Visit the Chocolate Fish Cafe
So there you have it. To be honest, not many DONE'S but there's still 6 weeks to my birthday so you never know and I am still pleased with what I have achieved. As well as trying to get some items on this list finished off I need to decide if I'm going to do something similar when I'm this space!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Winner (300 Posts Giveaway)

Many thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway and shared some interesting facts and tips. All the entries were written on post-its and placed in the toy shopping basket....

And Mr Mischief picked out one....

It was Jollym! Congrats! I've sent you an email - please let me know your address and I'll pop the goodies in the post to you ASAP.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Goodbye Gift - Palmy Style

Some British friends of ours that had lived here since 2006 recently headed back the UK to live. We were sad to see them go. Their little girl is just 5 days older than Mr Mischief.
I wanted to get them a little something to remind them of their time here and the place both their children were born. It was tricky though as it couldn't be too large or too heavy or too awkward to transport back to the UK.
And then a few days before their leaving party I found a great present. The local iSite has designed posters featuring a large heart filled with instagram shots of Palmerston North and the Manawatu. So I headed in and grabbed them a poster.

(sorry it's not very clear - it was surprisingly difficult to photograph)

There didn't seem to be much point having it framed for them as this would mean it would be bigger for them to transport so I DIYed them a carrying tube instead.
I re-rolled my aluminium foil minus the tube so I could use the tube for the poster. Then I found some kiwi style scrapbook paper (featuring some sheep!) and covered the tube with it. I used washi tape at each end to keep the poster inside but so that the tape could easily be lifted to look inside and put back.

I was so taken with the poster that I bought one for us too to display on our new Wellington walls to remind us of lovely Palmy.
I got the poster from the Palmerston North iSite for $5. You can see more details about it here.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Photo a day :: August

Yay for another month of photo-a-day mosaics. August is missing the 1st 5 days as this is when my iPhone was sent back for repair. Luckily it came back in time to capture Mr Mischief's 2nd birthday. In August my daily photos also capture hubby's last day at work in Palmy, Mr Mischief's thankyou cards and our house being sold!

You can see all of my photo-a-day mosaics here.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Morning Thoughts

Happy 1st Day of Spring to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere :-) 
This year Spring is ALL about new beginnings for our wee family.

On Thursday the sale of our house in Palmy went unconditional. This is THE month we are moving to Wellington. Exciting times lie ahead.

I've not been great at updating here on the blog how I am doing with my 30@30 list (I have made a note to update the list soon) but as the seasons have been rolling by I have been listing 3 things to do each season. I thought I'd share my Spring tasks with you:

  1. Move to Wellington (kind of obvious but it's a BIG job and it will be happening in Springtime!)
  2. Go along to an event to meet people (once we get to Wellington - this may be something crafty or possible a toddler-related activity or event)
  3. Visit the Chocolate Fish Cafe (I am compiling a Pinterest board of Wellington to do's and this one is top of the list! Let me know if there's anything else you think I should add!)

It's been an interesting Winter - one that has almost passed us by in a whirl of decisions and opportunities. I spent less time noticing the cold and more time planning the future. I think that's the way I like winter to be. When my toes are cold I get grumpy. I've been too busy these last couple of months to feel the cold too much. 

And finally, another random thought for this Saturday morning - today is RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Day in New Zealand. You can find out more about that here. I am hoping a fantastic and completely random opportunity will present itself to me today to do something kind for someone else. And for blog readers my RAK to you is the chance to win my giveaway :-)

Happy Weekend Adventures everyone :-)


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