Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Morning Thoughts

Happy 1st Day of Spring to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere :-) 
This year Spring is ALL about new beginnings for our wee family.

On Thursday the sale of our house in Palmy went unconditional. This is THE month we are moving to Wellington. Exciting times lie ahead.

I've not been great at updating here on the blog how I am doing with my 30@30 list (I have made a note to update the list soon) but as the seasons have been rolling by I have been listing 3 things to do each season. I thought I'd share my Spring tasks with you:

  1. Move to Wellington (kind of obvious but it's a BIG job and it will be happening in Springtime!)
  2. Go along to an event to meet people (once we get to Wellington - this may be something crafty or possible a toddler-related activity or event)
  3. Visit the Chocolate Fish Cafe (I am compiling a Pinterest board of Wellington to do's and this one is top of the list! Let me know if there's anything else you think I should add!)

It's been an interesting Winter - one that has almost passed us by in a whirl of decisions and opportunities. I spent less time noticing the cold and more time planning the future. I think that's the way I like winter to be. When my toes are cold I get grumpy. I've been too busy these last couple of months to feel the cold too much. 

And finally, another random thought for this Saturday morning - today is RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Day in New Zealand. You can find out more about that here. I am hoping a fantastic and completely random opportunity will present itself to me today to do something kind for someone else. And for blog readers my RAK to you is the chance to win my giveaway :-)

Happy Weekend Adventures everyone :-)


  1. How exciting moving to Wellington- have you come across Juggling Motherhood's blog-she often shared free and fun things to do in Wellington with kids. Hope you're having a great weekend yay for first day of Spring!

  2. yah for house selling Im excited to watch your move :) best of luck x


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