Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Creative Space: More crocheted baby hats

I've been busy making more crochet baby hats. You can see my original ones here.

These new ones were for a triple baby shower for my coffee group (I'm definitely in the minority of not already having a 2nd baby or being pregnant!). There are 3 mums expecting and due in September and October and I wanted to make 3 different hats to individualise their gifts. Two of the mums are keeping the gender of their babies as a surprise and one mum knows she's having a boy.

First up - the boy hat - a lovely mid-blue shade with a light-blue trim...

Next up is a "cute as a bear" hat - I used two shades of brown and once I'd made the hat made a couple of ears and attached them...

Last up - I was struggling to come up with another unisex idea with the colours of wool I had (given we are moving soon I didn't want to buy more stash before we shift!) but in the end I went for a navy colour and cream trim but made a bright pink flower that can be easily sewn on by mum when baby arrives. I even included a length of matching pink wool to sew it on with...

The 3 mums were happy with the hats and even suggested I start trying to sell some. I've got a fair bit on my plate at the moment but will definitely consider it once we have moved to Wellington.

I'm linking up with My Creative Space this week. Why not head over and see what everyone else has been making this week!
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  1. Cute hats! Particularly like the little bear hat.

  2. The ones with the ears are the cutest!


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