Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the move: Goodbye Palmy, Hello Wellington!

Goodbye Palmy :-(

Hello Wellington :-)

Sorry for my absence since mid-July. It's been pretty busy around here! 
My husband has been head-hunted and was interviewed for a position down in Wellington. We spent the day down there while he had an interview and met the team and Mr Mischief and I wiled away the time at Te Papa.
We took a stroll along the waterfront boardwalk and discussed our options. It was a lot to think about. A BIG decision. And we decided to go for it.
We love Wellington, have visited many times - there's a great zoo, great museum, an amazing hotel and we got married there.
And it felt like the universe had been pointing us in this direction. There were a few coincidences lately that -  for a superstitious person like me  - seemed to be helping to guide us.
Sure you can commute to Wellington from Palmy but it's not an ideal situation for a young family so we decided to all move down there.
So G (hubby) has handed in his notice and has 2 weeks left a work then a week at home (to help get us sorted out!). He will be commuting in the short term until we can shift the house. Our house is on the market and the first open home is tomorrow!
We are going to give the house a month up for sale and if there's no offers by then may re-consider renting it out.
And then we will be looking for somewhere to rent in Wellington and getting settled there.

*Deep breath* 

My to-do list is at least a mile long but I am plodding my way through it. I'll probably be keeping a low profile here for the next wee while but will try to pop in from time to time.
And if you live in Wellington or have stayed there before I would love some tips on places to live, places to visit etc.

Take care x


  1. Congratulations and good luck with the move! Welly is an amazing place to live, we adore it and I'm sure you will too!

  2. That's exciting, good luck with the move! We're living in Upper Hutt and DP is commuting into Lower Hutt. It's not where we wanted to live originally but we had a really hard time finding somewhere nice (and affordable) to live. Now that we're all settled we're loving it.


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