Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Handmade Heart Swap :: What I Got

I recently took part in the Handmade Heart Swap hosted by Mary Poppins. It's been lots of fun. I shared the items I made and posted to my swap partner here.
My swap partner was Proby and it was rather exciting when the parcel she sent me arrived :-)
Would you like to peek inside?

She must have listened to me saying I liked rainbows as each item wrapped within the box was wrapped in a different rainbow colour...

There were some yummy pink foil chocolates in the parcel which G, Mr Mischief and I all shared.
There was also some lovely red crochet hearts, a lovely smelling rose heart shaped candle, 2 jubillee/UK themed hanging hearts and a lovely purple critter who is loved by Mr Mischief!

Here's everything I received once it was all unwrapped and exclaimed over!

It was such a fun swap - many thanks to Mary Poppins for hosting and to Proby for being a great swap partner :-)

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