Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Creative Space: Birthday Thank you Cards

I love making and sending thank you notes in the mail. I think it's because I know I love receiving things in the post so surely everyone else does too!

This year for Mr Mischief's birthday thank you cards I decided to get a photo of him with a sign saying "Thank You". I had plans for a 'photo shoot' (complete with plain background) but then realised 2 year olds and mummy's plans don't always work well together so ended up taking the photos in our hallway just before his bed time.
None of the photos could be called "perfect" but they were fun and it was hard to decide which ones to use. In the end we picked 2 and I printed each pair of photos to one 4x6 sheet.

 I then trimmed them down the middle and used one on the front cover of each card and one inside.

 I really like how they turned out.

And here's a peek at some of the out-takes that I posted to Instagram (@KatieinNZ)...

You can see Mr Mischief's 1st birthday thank you cards here and all my creative space posts here.

Today I am linking up with My Creative Space. Why not head over and see what everyone else has been making this week?


  1. Such a neat idea. Your cards turned out great.

  2. aren't they cute? i love the last out-take photo, very sweet. i bet the recipients were happy to receive one of these in the mail :)sarah

  3. What a great idea. Just wait til he gets older. Thank yous can become a bit of an ordeal.

  4. Thanks for all the comments :-) I'm glad it's not just me that thinks the photos are cute!


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