Monday, September 10, 2012

30@30 :: an update

(Wellington Waterfront)

I'm almost at the end of being 30 and haven't updated this list on the blog yet. I'm hoping posting this here will give me a bit of a push to finish some of the items not done yet...

30 @ 30
  1. Lose 1 kg
  2. Lose 1 kg (2kg total)
  3. Lose 1 kg (3kg total)
  4. Lose 1 kg (4kg total)
  5. Lose 1 kg (5kg total)
  6. Lose 1 kg (6kg total)
  7. Lose 1 kg (7kg total)
  8. Lose 1 kg (8kg total)
  9. Lose 1 kg (9kg total)
  10. Lose 1 kg (10kg total)
An update on this whole section - I have lost a few kilos since last October - unfortunately I've not kept them off though so this section is feeling like a giant FAIL. It's very disheartening as I seem to get all fired up and do really well for a week or two with healthy eating and exercise and then it all falls apart. I really need to do something about it and I think it's my mentality I need to change as well as my habits so watch this space. I am hoping to lose a few kg's before my birthday but it won't be all ten. If anyone has any suggestions here or wants to be my health-kick buddy in Wellington let me know!

I can't get my bullets to continue numbering but the next section is items 11 - 30...
  1. Summer blocks - DONE and blogged here
  2. Autumn blocks - not done and not likely to as the blocks will be put away soon for moving. I will get them done before next Autumn starts though!
  3. List 5 items for sale on Felt - I did start making lots of baby hats with the intention of listing them on Felt but then my coffee group all started getting pregnant and having babies so I have been giving the hats as gifts! I am hoping once we get to Wellington to work on this one though so may get something listed before my birthday!
  4. de-clutter and sort out office - IN PROGRESS - and will be done before we move. Putting the house on the market and moving before I turn 31 have helped this one happen!
  5. learn to crochet hats - DONE and blogged here and here.
  6. makeover another cushion - didn't get around to this yet
  7. make mini albums for my 30th and baby's 1st birthday - I made an album for my 30th (blogged here) but not for Mr Mischief's 1st birthday (yet...)
  8. scrapbook at least 10 photos from each month (if I continue with Document 2011 and go on to do it in 2012 this should be covered by that) - I'm a little behind - up until June is complete but am confident this will be done eventually (once I can get back at my scrapbooking supplies!)
  9. Summer 2011/2012 seasonal project 1 - paint the front door - Not done and now not going to happen but I feel okay about that!
  10. Summer 2011/2012 seasonal project 2 - revamp the toadstools in the back garden - DONE and blogged here - I still love them and we will be taking them with us when we move
  11. Summer 2011/2012 seasonal project 3 - de-clutter/clear boxes from dining room - technically this didn't happen in summer but it has happened since so it's DONE!
  12. Autumn 2012 seasonal project 1 - keep a holiday journal while we are away - DONE and I am so grateful to have this record of our trip to the UK. I blogged about it here.
  13. Autumn 2012 seasonal project 2 - bake apple pie - DONE and it was yummy!
  14. Autumn 2012 seasonal project 3 - complete C25K - this is still kind of in progress, have stopped and started a couple of times now but never seem to get past week's definitely high on my to do list once we have moved.
  15. Winter 2012 seasonal project 1 - plant garlic - we didn't get around to this - maybe next winter
  16. Winter 2012 seasonal project 2 - celebrate our citizenship - DONE and blogged here and here.
  17. Winter 2012 seasonal project 3 - celebrate winter solstice - DONE but I didn't get around to blogging about it.
  18. Spring 2012 seasonal project 1 - move to Wellington - IN PROGRESS (given how much of my time this will be taking up it had to feature on my list for Spring!)
  19. Spring 2012 seasonal project 2 -  go along to an event to meet people (once we move to Wellington)
  20. Spring 2012 seasonal project 3 -  Visit the Chocolate Fish Cafe
So there you have it. To be honest, not many DONE'S but there's still 6 weeks to my birthday so you never know and I am still pleased with what I have achieved. As well as trying to get some items on this list finished off I need to decide if I'm going to do something similar when I'm this space!

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  1. Good on you! Celebrate your successes instead of worrying about the things you haven't yet achieved.


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