Friday, January 28, 2011

29 @ 29 - quarterly review

I'm not promising to manage a review of this list every quarter but given it's just over 3 months in I thought I'd see where I'm at so far...

Colour-coded for colourful reading! PINK = complete, RED = in progress.

29 @ 29
DONE 1. Paint my toenails 
IN PROGRESS 7/12 - 2. Scrapbook at least 12 moments of baby’s first year
IN PROGRESS - I've bought the seeds! - 3. Plant sunflower seeds/grow sunflowers
 DONE 4. Eat tiramisu
 DONE 5. Get my hair cut
 6. Summarise/scrapbook our first year married
 DONE 7. Read a novel
 8. Lose 5kg
 9. Decide if I’m returning to work or not
 DONE 10. Participate in a Christmas ornament swap
 DONE 11. Write a Christmas newsletter
 DONE 12. See Harry Potter 7 (part 1)
 13. List 29 reasons why I’m a good mother
 DONE 14. Blog at least 29 times
 DONE 15. Email at least 50 photos/videos of baby to family
 16. Finish rainbow crochet blanket
 17. Get a nice photo of all 3 of us (plus maybe the dog)
IN PROGRESS - planning to go to lessons with coffee group 18. Take baby swimming
IN PROGRESS 3/10 -19. Send 10 postcards or letters (with photos of baby maybe)
IN PROGRESS 8/10 -20. Buy at least 10 bunches of flowers
 IN PROGRESS 6/10 -21. Try 10 new recipes
 22. Create a photo wall (in the dining room?)
 23. Make bunting for baby’s bedroom
 24. Have a picnic or tea party
 IN PROGRESS -25. Find ways to celebrate each season
 IN PROGRESS - Have got 29 things ready to giveaway but need to drop off at the charity shop - 26. Give away at least 29 things
 IN PROGRESS -27. Try to take at least 1 photo every day
 28. Write my birth story
 IN PROGRESS 3/12 - 29. Have 12 ‘dates’ with my husband

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