Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best $10 I've spent this year :-)

Just in case it hasn't become apparent yet I LOVE rainbows! Anything in rainbow colours brings a big smile to my face!
My latest rainbow find was this AWESOME umbrella - discovered in the 123 Mart in the Plaza. It only cost $9.90! How could I resist that?!
Not only will it be great fun for photo shoots with bubby it will also be good for keeping the sun out of his eyes when we sit out in the garden!

I tried snapping some pictures at the weekend but I think it might be better once baby is sitting up and a bit more interactive. I've wanted a rainbow umbrella ever since I saw these pictures on Flickr a couple of years ago. Can't wait until I can have a go at taking pictures like that! Might be baby toes and puppy paws poking out though. This is the closest I've got so far...


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