Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stuff we love: ColourSplash

G found an amazing application for his iPhone called ColourSplash. It only cost $1.29NZ and allows you to turn your photos black and white and then highlight some parts in colour.
I've seen this done professionally - especially with wedding photos - and always liked the effect.
It was so much fun having a play with it. You can zoom in a lot for the fiddly bits and even change the colour (although I've not tried that yet).
It's a good thing I don't have an iPhone because if I did I would probably be playing around with ColourSplash all day long and nothing else would get done!

I had a play with some of our wedding photos and love the way that you can really accentuate the finer details....

And then I started trying it on random photos to see what ones work best. I love this one with the ice-cream sundae...

So from now on some of my pictures featured on this blog may end up being a mix of colour and black and white!
If you've got an iPhone I'd highly recommend this app :-)

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