Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seasons: Spring

I've had this list saved in my drafts folder to add to as I think of more things. 
This last weekend has been so hot and with the 1st December almost upon us (the official first day of summer) I think it's time to celebrate what I love about Spring and start thinking about my summer loves!

A work-in-progress list of what I <3 about Spring...
  1. Daffodils...especially the double headed ones that come up in my front garden each year. I was so disappointed they came up blind this year and hope they will flower next year
  2. Tulips...which I planted whilst pregnant and then watched them sprout and flower with my newborn baby beside me
  3. Hanging the washing out...especially on those blustery, sunny days where it doesn't take long to dry
  4. Being able to get out in the garden and get the lawns mowed
  5. Watching everything sprout and grow and 'green-up'
  6. Wanting to eat salad again (I don't like eating salad when it's cold and grey!)
  7. Starting to think about Christmas, what we will do, what we will buy, what I will make
  8. My birthday...which now falls in Spring
  9. The nights drawing out
  10. Having decent light for taking photos
  11. Not having to have the fire/heating going all day long
  12. More barefoot days
  13. Dreaming of vegetable and flower gardens (even if I never quite get around to actually doing them!)
  14. The lemon tree perking up after winter
  15. Fresher looking fruit and veg in the shops
  16. Sitting outside on the sunny days and enjoying a breeze
I'm sure there's more to come....hope to add to this as the years go on :-)

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  2. Beautiful photo and love the tulips :)

  3. What a lovely photo. One of my favorite things about spring has to be being able to put the washing on the line and it actually gets dry.

  4. Spring is my favourite season for all the reasons you have listed here but also because something better is still to come: summer! :-)

  5. Great list and what a pretty photo :)

  6. Thanks for all the photo and list love everyone :-)


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