Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's nearly Christmas :-)

Happy December Everyone :-)
And Happy 1st Day of Summer Kiwi's :-)

I managed to get my Christmas journal covers and pages made up yesterday during the baby's nap times.
I kept it simple and used some brown corrugated card I had (I think it's US sizing so 8.5 by 11 inches) cut in half for the front and back covers. I inked the ridges with my green stamp (the same one I used to ink the page numbers) and then stuck on a piece of pink card, added the holly embellishment (one I made years ago for a Christmas card but didn't get round to using) and the letters and numbers. I had hoped to use glittery letters and numbers but my alphabets are pretty depleted and I didn't have quite enough.

The pages inside are a mix of black and burgandy card (I couldn't find any white card and the burgandy looked reasonably festive) cut a little smaller than the covers.
I've hole punched the covers and all the pages and will join it all together with book-rings. I need to get 2 in the right size as I only have 1 that's too small at the moment!

Here's what it looks like...


I might have to add some ribbon or more embellishments at a later date but for now it will do!

And now it's just a matter of waiting for the first prompt to come through. The time difference goes against me a little as I end up a day the time I get the 1st Dec prompt it'll probably be the 2nd Dec here.

I won't post pages everyday - probably do a few together in 1 post a couple of times a week and intersperse it with other blog posts.

In other Christmas-related-news, I made it to the post shop yesterday and spent an obscene amount of money posting all my overseas Christmas cards and some parcels. Still a couple of parcels to send to friends but they require a few small purchases first.
Good job Christmas is only once a year or the price of postage alone would bankrupt me!

I've already sneaked a few decorations up here and there but might have to get more decorations up over the weekend.


  1. Hi Katie, thanks for your comment on my blog, tried to reply via email but it won't let me. Anyway, the red Your Home and Garden with christmas on the cover is the latest issue, it actually says its the Jan 2011 issue. they did two christmas issues for Dec and Jan. Still haven't had a chance to look at it yet, maybe this afternoon....if two little people let me!

  2. Your cover is lovely, I cant wait to see more :)


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