Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Wreath

We've never had a Christmas Wreath before but I've seen some lovely ones this year and decided to have a go at making one for our front door.

I got a plain white wicker heart for $10 (it was on sale) and a length of red tinsel and some candy canes. 
I tied the tinsel round the wreath and then wrapped it round and round until all the wicker was covered. I bunched it up as I went to make it nice and thick and when I got back to where I started I tucked in the loose end.
Then I stuck some candy canes to the tinsel using double sided tape. I tied some ribbon round and used a Command removable hook to hang it on our door.

Pretty simple but I like it. 


  1. Lovely idea! Looks fab but wouldn't last long at our house - we have a candy cane lover :) !

  2. Great idea! It looks awesome!

  3. Gorgeous Katie! I so envy your crafyness.

  4. Thanks for all the wreath love ladies :-)

  5. Its lovely! Thaks for sharing :)


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