Friday, December 3, 2010

Stuff we love: MOO Cards

Don't you just love exciting mail?

Little parcels that you are expecting and you check the mail box every day with anticipation and when the parcel finally arrives you rip open the jiffy bag as quick as you can to get to what's inside!
On Wednesday I received a little parcel such as this...

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some Mini Moo cards. had a sale and I couldn't resist. It was an impulse purchase, not something I had been planning and before I knew it I had uploaded 5 recent photos that I loved and designed my own little tiny cards.

They are part of a grand plan that will be revealed if it comes to fruition but in the meantime I will keep opening my tiny box and look at my lovely mini cards!

I had hoped they would arrive before I sent my Christmas ornaments so I could send one in each little parcel but it was not to be. Nevermind.

And I think I might start squirelling away favourite photos in a special folder ready for my next get 100 cards in the box and they can all have different images on if you wish.

And here they are in all their glory....cute huh?

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