Thursday, December 9, 2010

JYC Update

I'm getting somewhere with my jyc (Journal Your Christmas) 2010 album. I have been writing down some notes each day in a notebook even if I can't get my page done and I've been thinking about what photos I can include.
A big help was finding this software which allows you to put more than 1 image on a 4 by 6 print without Photoshop. Seriously helpful in general and awesome for this project as my pages aren't big enough for full size pictures.
Here are the pages I have completed so far.

Day 1 - Manifesto

Day 2 - the prompt was about the weather, I mentioned it a bit but mostly this page is about our roadtrip to Rotorua (hope to post some bigger photos from the roadtrip over the next few days)

Day 4 - I skipped the prompt topic altogether and talked about heading home from Rotorua

Day 5 is about Advent - I talked about counting down and also putting up the Christmas tree

Day 3 is a work-in-progress - it needs a little something extra. Day 7 is half done and I haven't done anything for Day 6 yet (except my notes on the day)

I am trying to follow the prompts mostly but if they don't really apply or something more exciting happens that day I will make more of a December Daily page.

As mentioned in my earlier post I am keeping it simple and not getting too focused on the scrapbook-y details. It's more about capturing baby's first Christmas and making sure I can get it done in the small amount of me-time I have these days!

Hope to be back with a few more pages in a couple of days :-)

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  1. Looking good! Love the tasteful reindeer on your tree ;-)

  2. Thanks :-) He looks FANTASTIC on the tree doesn't he!?


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