Monday, July 18, 2011

A 1st Birthday Party

It's not quite baby's 1st birthday yet - that's next month. But the weekend just gone was the midpoint between all the baby birthdays from our antenatal group so we held a combined birthday party!
It was great fun. 

We did a secret santa type draw so we picked one name to buy a present for.
The present opening went well (except he still hasn't got the hang of opening them and we have to open them for him!)...he got a cool whale thing that goes in the bath and lights up and blows water! Plus a bib with sleeves - ha! great for eating messy foods and painting.

One of the mums made lemon cupcakes and we had them all on a stand with candles in them and sang happy birthday. Then we let the babies loose with the cake - it was pretty messy...

And there was lots of playing with different toys to the ones we have at home. In this one he is standing completely unaided - this is his new trick this last week!
All in all, a lovely party. It was so nice to do something big as the day itself will probably be a small, quiet day at home.
And believe it or not, this is the 1st time we've managed to get all the babies together since they were bumps!

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