Friday, July 1, 2011

My Creative Space: Hello card

I love getting little letters and cards in the mail. Because receiving things like that makes me so happy I also enjoy sending them as I always hope the recipient enjoys getting little surprises too.
One of my friends has had a tough time at work lately and I know she likes getting things in the post so I decided to post her a little something. 
I made a friendship bracelet with her in mind and then decided to whip her up a quick just because card to send it in...

I used the backing for a star sticker sheet (it always seems like a waste throwing it away because it's so pretty) and once I stuck it down I sewed around the edges...with my sewing machine! It was lots of fun sewing on paper. The lines are completely wonky but I think that adds charm :-)
And then I cut out a label I had printed (from a free printable sheet I found via Pinterest), wrote "Hello" and stuck that over the wonkiest part of the sewing  at a jaunty angle for aesthetic reasons :-)
I attached the friendship bracelet (also a bit wonky) using washi tape on the ends and voila - finished!

And I got a thankyou message from her today saying she loves it so I'm a very happy lady!

Edited to add: *grumbles* anyone else having blogger issues again? I couldn't post this yesterday so trying again today (Friday) and I've been having problems uploading photos, saving posts, publishing posts and commenting on other peoples blogs ALL week. Grrrr. Fingers crossed it's sorted now :-)


  1. Very cool creative way to bring a smile to your recipient : )

  2. What a fabulous way to bring smiles!


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