Monday, July 4, 2011

Being Creative: Ocean

I decided to have a go at a mosaic type project for Being Creative in June.
The theme was ocean and I collected various blue and white bits of paper from my scraps box and some leaflets that had come in the mail. I also found some lovely yellow papers so decided to do the sun in mosaic as well.
I used bits of string to make seagulls and some tiny alpha letters to spell out "I can see the sea".
I remember saying that a lot when I was younger when we were on car journeys heading towards our seaside destinations!

I'm not completely pleased with how this has turned out to be honest.
I actually did this way back in the first half of June and it has sat on the bookcase since then waiting for something else....I'm just not quite sure what.
I thought about adding some paint in places. I also think that maybe the sky is too flat compared to everything else which makes it look quite child-like.
If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them :-)

You can learn more about the Being Creative project set up by Julia Crossland here.


  1. Hi Katie!

    Your mosaic is coming on great! Really like how you are incorporating mixed media into this piece too - and I always get drawn to wording in art. If you think it's unfinished, leave it a while and go back to it later. I do this with alot of my paintings and it seems that in time, an idea always presents itself for the best outcome.

    Much love
    Julia x

  2. That's lovely! I like the simplicity of the seagulls :) I can imagine a little boat in the waves! xx

  3. I love your mosaic! My boat would look lovely in your sea...

  4. Thanks for your comments...I think I will have a go at a boat :-)

  5. Looks great to me! It has it's own style!

    A boot wouldn't be bad though or a part of a whale :)

  6. I love the simplicity of your multi-media mosaic Katie and the words too with your memories of childhood seaside visits! (The rebel in me would suggest a sharks fin...but I'm too much of a conformer to go ahead with it!!)
    Ali ;-)


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