Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scrapbooking: Document 2011: June

Already half way through this project! Madness. I've been putting the completed pages in the baby's album for now but it's getting a bit too full so I'm on the look out for a lovely album (I'm thinking patterned rather than plain) especially for my Document 2011 pages.
Perhaps something like one of these - it has to be D ring so the sleeves fit in. I also like these and could perhaps decorate the front myself. If anyone knows anywhere I can get something nice like that within NZ please let me know :-)

Okay, onto the June pages...

The paper on this calendar page is OLD - like seriously, it came from the UK - when Lakeland did craft supplies. So happy to use something that old so it didn't make a wasted trip halfway across the world!  

It was nice to trim down the party invite we got and include that this month. 

The scalloped journal paper is actually from my abandoned Christmas Journal from 2009. I was pregnant and had horrible nausea and tiredness. I made the album with mixed papers and sizes but wasn't feeling inspired enough to get past page 5. Again, I'm glad that I've been able to use it up so it's not gone to waste. 

Quite a simple main page about hubby's birthday. Looking at it now I wished I'd used a bit more pattern or embellishment. I was trying to go for a simple, manly look! Not sure I pulled it off though.

I went with the red theme this month to match the strawberries from the calendar and also because red featured on the invite and quite a few of the photos.

You can see the rest of my Document 2011 pages here.

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