Monday, July 25, 2011

Scrapbooking: Winter (Instax Mini)

I got around to making a start on scrapbooking my Instax Mini photos at the weekend.
I took this shot one morning of the front garden...just to see how photos at a bit of a distance came out really. It's not a particularly great shot but I thought it was still worthwhile scrapping as it shows off a little bit of our garden in winter!

I chose a brown cardstock to match the brown of the tree in the photo. I bought some doillies at the supermarket recently to use in my crafty projects and decided to use one as a mask on the brown cardstock with silver paint. I'm pretty pleased with the effect...

I used the same woodgrain photos I used to make lettering a while back as a background along with some silver paper I had to hand. I made some rosettes a while back but hadn't used any yet so I choose a blue one with some green as I thought it was a good match.

And I couldn't resist using some butterflies from the Scrappin' Patch wishlist swap...I'm so not done with these yet - expect to see much more of them!
The little birdie label came from a free printable label set here.

Here's the full layout. It's a bit sparse looking but that was kind of the point given it's a winter photograph!

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