Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week in the Life :: Tuesday

Still going with this. I seem to be attacking it in fits and starts. I get busy for a while and then remember I'm supposed to be documenting and get clicking with the camera and jotting down notes.
Today I've taken over 100 photos. Here's a small sample of the day...

Good morning puppy!

I was too slow so he started grabbing his own breakfast!

Skyping Nanny (my mum)

Goodbye Daddy...who had to scrape ice off the car before he could leave

Tuesday self-portrait

Off to check the mailbox

Time for nap (the 1st of 2 little ones today)

Out in the back garden for some sunshine and playing

Puppy loves company in the garden

Baby loves seeing photos and watching videos of himself so when he got a little bit grizzly this afternoon that's how I distracted him!

Welcome home Daddy

Being cheeky after his before-bath bottle

One thing that I've found useful is the self-timer on the camera - must remember to use this more regularly in general :-)
And I've already got a few ideas on what to incorporate in the album (like a lovely email I got from my Mum today)
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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  1. Love the pic of bubba looking at himself on the computer! That is exactly how I distract my grumpy little ones as well. Fantastic that you took a self-portrait...I must remember to try and get myself in more pics as well. :)


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