Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Week in the Life

I am planning to play along with Ali Edwards Week in the Life project this week (25th to 31st July).
Basically you document a week of your life by taking pictures and notes and combining it all in an album for future posterity.

I'm looking forward to it. Document 2011 has been great for showing the highlights of life for us right now but I'm hoping this project will show a more-detailed view of life for our little family. I almost wish I'd done this pre-baby to look back on compared to life now!

So to get ready I'm charging up the batteries for the camera and I've made a 'workbook' using a free printable that Ali has offered on her blog. A way to jot down what we do through the day and capture things I want to remember.

I printed the sheets 2 to an A4 page, trimmed them down and turned them into a book using thin cardboard covers (covered in paper I've had a while and not likely to use on an actual layout) and bookrings. This is to keep it all together so I don't lose bits of paper!

If I want to make extra notes I have space on the back of each page.

Side note: I love that the time sheet has 24 hours on it - given we have a mix of sleeping through the night and not at the moment!

So I might try and make some time to share a couple of photos and notes on here each day. If not, I'll definitely try and share the album once it's complete.
I've had a lovely 8 by 8 album stashed away for a while and wasn't sure what to use it for so I've decided it'll make the perfect format for this project!


  1. Oh what a cool idea!! would love to do this too!

  2. Hi Leonie - you should join in :-) Or do it another week if you need to get organised. It should be heaps of fun!


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