Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week in the Life : : Monday

Obviously this isn't my full day because it hasn't finished yet but here are a few snapshots and notes from today...

Awoke at 7.30am after being up from 12am - 1am with the baby.
Got ready and G gave baby breakfast then I dropped baby off with childminder, dropped G at work and then headed to work myself. Here's where I parked today...

I didn't take any photos in the office - must try and rectify this later in the week when I'm back there.
Once I finished work I headed over to pick up baby who was very excited to see the dog when we got home...

After a 2 hour sleep at the childminders baby was full of energy and into everything, including the saucepan drawer in the kitchen...(note: love how this shot will be great as a height comparison in the future!)

It got very cold and we had some sleety rain. This shot was taken after I turned the fire right up in the living room...

The dog was most unimpressed to be tossed outside so we could go and collect G from work...

Driving to collect G - loving the colour of the clouds...

Once we got home there was more playing, dinner made (I got prep photos but none of the dinner - must try and remember this tomorrow! I also got a shot of the messy pantry which will be good in the album!), dinner eaten and then more play. In this shot baby picked up my empty mug and was 'slurping' - it cracked me up and is one of my favourite moments from today...

Baby has been in bed since 7.45pm and now I'm catching up on emails, Week in the Life and writing minutes from a meeting I attended last week.

I'm already at 48 photos taken today and my workbook is full of notes. I even kept my to-do list post-it from work so I know what I got up to there!

I've enjoyed the first day of documenting our life. I really hope I can keep the momentum going through the week.


  1. Great to see how you spent your day!
    And baby and the dog too.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops!

  2. sweet snapshot of your day, I would love to try this.

  3. A lovely collection of memories :) I like how you documented your parking spot. Slurping bubba is oh-so-cute!

  4. I love the baby drinking out of the cup photo. So cute!


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