Monday, July 11, 2011

My new toy...

...a fujifilm instax mini 7s instant camera - woop :-)

and my first couple of test shots...

I LOVE it! I used up some vouchers so got the camera (which comes with a 10 pack of film) plus the free 10 pack (that the Warehouse is doing as a deal when you buy the camera) plus a double pack (20) all for less than the original price of the camera. Sweet :-)

I'm going to scrap the test shots and I'm trying to think of an AWESOME theme/idea for an instax mini-book. I want to use the film without wasting it if that makes sense.

I found some cute projects online like this one (but that would be a bit expensive methinks!) and this one and this one (scroll right to the bottom of the pics).
And maybe I should add making a little bag for my camera to my sewing projects list!

This was a 'going back to work' present to myself. I can't believe my year's parental leave is over and done with. I'm going back to work this week. Only part-time, a couple of mornings each week. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and baby that all goes well :-)

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