Friday, August 19, 2011

My Creative Space: Thank you cards

I made some thank you cards this week for baby's birthday presents.
I added the words "thank you" to a photo (in Paint, who needs Photoshop?!), and got 2 printed to a 6x4 photo. Then cut the photos, and matted each one with a co-ordinating card/paper from my scraps box and added them to a cream card. I rounded the corners of the photo, background card and card before sticking it all down.
Pretty simple but a nice way to post a few thank yous and make a few people smile :-)

Note: I have learned from experience that simple means these things get done! I'm certain people would rather get a simple thank you note in the mail than not get anything at all while I plan some complicated thank you and never get around to finishing it :-)


  1. They look great! I bet they will be proudly displayed on many mantelpieces!

  2. They're lovely!
    I'm sure they'll be very appreciated.
    It's a great photo, and everyone loves a handmade card.

  3. What a great idea and an awesomely happy photo!

    Great idea! I'm such a sucker for thank you cards. I don't think we send enough of them in this day and age. So underrated, but so appreciated.

  4. I love that you curved the edges of the photos - gives it a very professional look. I love getting real mail, good on you for taking the time!

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments :-) I'm guessing a love of blogging often goes hand-in-hand with a love of thank you cards :-)


I love getting comments and will always try to come and visit you if you have your own blog or reply when I can :-) Thankyou


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