Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jumping on the snow bandwagon!

I'm a little bit late but I thought I'd share some of our snow pictures from Monday.
The Square in Palmerston North hasn't seen snow for decades so most Palmerston-ians were ridiculously excited to see some snow :-)
It was nothing like what we experienced in Scotland but I admit to feeling rather excited myself and couldn't resist taking lots of photos...

This last photo is from the Palmerston North City Library Facebook page of the Sqaure.

I'm kind of dreading the power bill but it was still great to see the baby so excited at the snow. He was banging on the window and shouting at it :-) He wasn't that fussed about being outside in it though!
And it's all gone from our garden now. Just big wet puddles left :-(

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