Friday, August 5, 2011

Being Creative: Summer

The theme for Julia Crossland's Being Creative project in July was Summer.
At the beginning of the month I had plans to make the summer side of my seasonal blocks but I didn't get round to it (my husband suggested I use sandpaper for the background which I think is an awesome idea but I haven't got around to buying sandpaper yet!)
I thought I wasn't going to get around to anything but then on Sunday night I spotted some permanent fabric markers that I bought recently on my bookshelf. I got them in Hallensteins of all places (a male clothing store!)  in the bargain bin for $10 (original price $24.99).
I decided I wanted to try them out and remembered the canvas re-usable bag I'd got weeks ago at Typo (I think it was $2)...

Given the wording on the bag I figured this can be a rather simple project for Being Creative! I went with rainbow colours (my favourite colour combination!) and coloured in the sun and letters as well as drawing patterns on the strap.

It'll be handy for folding up small in the bottom of my bag for a shopping bag when I'm out and about :-)

Also joining in with Our Creative Spaces :-)


  1. Ooo beautiful job! A million times better than the original.

    Also what an awesome score on the fabric markers!!! (And what a truly random place to have found them! I wonder if any of the Hallensteins here will have them...)

  2. Fun project AND useful to boot! I think we went to the same "school of lettering" !! he he Great minds think alike? :) Thanks for dropping by my post!

  3. Lovely! I'm a huge fan of rainbow colours too - we even based our wedding round it last year :D

  4. Wowzers I LOVE this!!!!! What a fantabulous idea, a gorgeous design (rainbow colours are always the best) and a useful product at the end of it! Well done, and thank you for sharing it in the gallery this month!

    Big hugs
    Julia x

  5. Katie - How fab! I love the way you always have different ideas for your creations! Rainbows are brill! Being a bit of a bag lady myself its a great idea!
    Your ocean post was the one that got me thinking....
    Keep up the great work!

  6. What a lovely idea - I love the rainbow colours, it's just so summery and perfect for taking on the beach! :)

  7. Hi, thanks for commenting on my post about Being Creative. This is the first time I have taken part in anything like this. Loving the fact we are all looking at each others ideas. Love the bag and it will be great to use as well. Donna


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