Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crochet Hexagon Table Runner

I finished this ages ago. Well, that's a bit of a fib because it isn't technically complete until the ends are darned and they aren't. But if I wait until then to show you you may never see it!
I developed a hexagon obsession back in April and started the table runner in May. I seem to remember declaring it finished around the Queen's Birthday weekend in June (but hadn't taken photos so can't be sure).

I know that a lot of table runners run the length of the table but I made mine short as our table is designed for 6 settings and I wanted to leave room if we did need to lay the 6 settings.

So here is my crochet hexagon table runner in all it's green and blue loveliness...

I used Lucy's Hexagon How-To tutorial and joined them as I went following her instructions on the tutorial. There are 22 hexagons (probably because my lucky number is 22!)

I really need to work out how to block things because the edges are curling I can see in these photos.
Does anyone have any blocking advice? Especially with a baby in the house so I can't do it on the floor!

The hexagons came together relatively quickly and it was nice to join them as I went. In fact I might have a go at a larger hexagon project like a blanket. This one is lovely! (In face- it was Heather's hexagon post that reminded me I hadn't shared this one!)

I haven't really crocheted since finishing this. It's silly not to making some woolly in this cold weather so I may have to start something soon before the weather warms up!


  1. I block on a yoga mat (being careful about how far I push the pins through!). If you have a foam puzzle or mat for your boy, that might work too. I have also been known to pin it out on the surface of an old towel.
    The beauty is, you can then pick the lot up and carry it somewhere out of the way of little hands...ie the dining room table!
    Normally, I just pin it out and spray it with room temperature water.
    If it's something really lacy which needs heavy blocking, I sometimes soak it in warm water before blocking, rather than spraying.

    The thing to remember is to pin it out properly and LEAVE it for 24 hours. Very hard to do!

    Natural fibres work best for blocking.

    Hope that helps! I'm still learning though :)

  2. Thank you for the wonderful tips on this gorgeous table runner. Very inspired!

  3. Thanks for the comment K :-)
    And thanks for the blocking advice Allyson - I think I have an old yoga mat somewhere - will have to hunt it out :-)

  4. Katie,
    This is beautiful. I've been looking for a small project to make using hexies. This is perfect.


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