Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scrapbooking: Document 2012: August

I'm slowly getting there with my Document 2012 album. My aim is to have the whole thing finished as close to the new year as possible. So I am hoping to get September, October and November finished this month (in the Christmas break if not before) and then try and get December done as quick as possible after January 1st! 

In 2013 I am planning to do Project Life and will be using the Seafoam edition which is designed by one of my favourite bloggers. Project Life is pretty similar to what I've been doing but I'll be dropping the 12x12 feature layouts and just sticking to pockets. I will also be doing a layout per week rather than each month (I am yet to decide if I will do single or double page weeks). I'm really looking forward to a bit of a change but want this Document 2012 album finished so I can focus on getting 2013 captured in an album!

So here are my August pages (when I look at the photos it seems so long ago!)...

Photo a day mosaics, the return of my iPhone, sorting for the house sale, making the most of Palmy and Mr Mischief's 2nd birthday feature pretty heavily.

The main feature is the birthday!

I will miss doing these monthly summary pages for Mr Mischief so will try and find a way to incorporate something similar - I'm thinking a monthly photo and some journalling on the date of his birthday each month perhaps?

The top left pocket is awaiting a poem from hubby's work farewell (we have put it "somewhere safe" and are yet to remember where!). There's also the view from hubby's commute on the train, baby shower goodies, daffs in the garden, farewelling friends leaving NZ and the house in Palmy being sold.

Wow, it's been a busy year - that's for sure!

You can see all of my Document 2012 pages so far here.

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