Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NZ Twitter Secret Santa (#nzsecretsanta)

This year I took part in the Twitter #nzsecretsanta for the third time. I think there were over 800 people signed up this year. It's organised by @websam who does an amazing job of giving everyone details of someone to send a present to and answering a billion questions! 
You can find out more information about it on the website here as well as see what sort of gifts people have received in the image gallery.

I posted off my parcel last week - my person had their tweets protected so I had to take a gamble and send something random - and the crazy thing is I can't even check if they liked it - oh well! I had fun picking it out and writing a daft poem to go with it.

The big excitement came on Saturday afternoon when I looked down to the mailbox and noticed a parcel there. I headed down and flipped over the back to the senders details to see this...

I was rather excited! I opened the jiffy bag to find a lovely wrapped parcel with a scratchy for a name tag. Sadly the scratchy wasn't a winner but it's always nice to have a shot at winning!

I had a little help ripping the paper open...

and inside was the best present...

Some Skittles, 2 hand-painted rainbow canvases (with glitter) and 6 little pots of glitter. 
How awesome is that? 
I even love the box it all came in (you can see it in the photo above).
I should probably explain why this present is so Twitter bio states "A fan of crafty endeavours, twinkly things and rainbows." Did they hit the nail on the head or what?
I love it all. I will put the canvases in my crafty space, scoff the skittles and probably gaze upon the jars of glitter rather than use it all up (because I am weird like that!).

Thankyou Secret Santa - it's clear you put a lot of thought, care and time into this gift and I REALLY love it!

And if you have a Secret Santa gift to purchase and need some ideas check out my post here.


  1. This is perhaps a perfect real life picture of the bio! They nailed that one!!

  2. Wow, rainbow stuff - your Secret Santa really worked you out well! I think Websam has done an amazing job organising #nzsecretsanta and I hope he does it again next year. I feel your frustration about protected tweets ... although mine unprotected his for a couple of weeks, he hardly said anything that gave me a clue about what he'd like so I took a punt. I think (hope) I got it right ...!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies :-) They did really well didn't they?!


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