Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Creative Space: Teacher Gifts (including washi tape tealights)

Mr Mischief goes to daycare a couple of days each week. He started mid October when I got a part-time job and has settled in really well. The staff are all lovely there and I wanted to show our appreciation to each of them without having to spend a fortune or give the standard box of chocolates for them to share.

I decided to make them each a little goody bag. Luckily I had some paper bags left over from the 2nd birthday party bags I made back in July.

To begin with I cut across the top of each bag with wavy scissors. And I set about collecting some items to go in...

Here's a look at what each bag contains...

* a handcream
* 2 washi tape covered tealights
* a jingle bell
* a candy cane
* a ferrero rocher
* a milkybar and cherry ripe
* a wineglass charm

I'm hoping they see it as a little pamper type goody bag. I had thought about making some body scrub or something to go in but in the end I knew I'd run out of time with everything else going on this month.

Once the items were placed in each bag I folded the top down and used a bit of washi tape to stick it down. Then I punched two holes about 2 inches apart and threaded washi tape though to tie in a bow.
The finishing touchers were 2 scallop circles on each bag - 1 with the name of the recipient and the other saying "Thankyou and Merry Christmas from Mr Mischief"

I had a big brown bag leftover from some recent Typo purchases and decided to "upcycle" it into a gift bag to hold all the little bags. I used some scrapbooking card and peelcraft stickers to make two banners to cover the shop name on each side. I'll probably add some co-ordinating curling ribbon at the top before we take it in too! 

And here's a close-up of the washi tape covered tealights. I bought a 30 pack of berry scented tealights from KMart for $4 (they smell lovely) and had some red washi tape (that I'd got in a set with an aqua coloured one) from Typo. I wrapped the washi tape around the tealights to make them a little bit more festive. What do you think? I thought it made them look much cuter!

So here's hoping the teachers and staff like their little goody bags :-)

I'm linking up with My Creative Space today. Why not see what everyone else has been busy making too?

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  1. Love the tea lights with the washi tape - so cute!


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