Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Advent Activities List

Happy 1st of December everyone!

This week I have been working on updating and changing round our Advent Activities List from last year. I had a look through my archives but I'm not sure I actually posted a typed out version of the list.

So I thought I'd share this year's list with you...

Saturday 1st:  Put the Christmas tree up
Sunday 2nd:  Listen to Christmas music
Monday 3rd:  Post overseas parcels and cards (I will try and make this a fun adventure rather than just standing in the Post Shop queue!)
Tuesday 4th:  Write a letter to Father Christmas
Wednesday 5th:  Make a decoration for the tree
Thursday 6th:  Make the house smell like Christmas
Friday 7th:  Colour a Christmas picture
Saturday 8th:  Read a Christmas story
Sunday 9th:  Wellington Christmas Parade
Monday 10th:  Post New Zealand parcels and cards
Tuesday 11th:  Take food to the shelter (we used to deliver to the SPCA shelter in Palmy - just need to work out if there's one near by or even a homeless shelter)
Wednesday 12th:  Make and hang paper snowflakes
Thursday 13th:  Drink festive hot chocolate
Friday 14th:  Watch a Christmas movie
Saturday 15th:  Make a paperchain or pompon garland
Sunday 16th:  Wrap Christmas presents (Mr Mischief to help with some)
Monday 17th:  Read a story about the Nativitiy
Tuesday 18th:  Kirkcaldie's Christmas shop
Wednesday 19th:  Bake Christmas cookies
Thursday 20th:  Hand out Christmas cookies
Friday 21st:  Make a Christmas message for family
Saturday 22nd:  Take a drive to look at the lights
Sunday 23rd:  Make chalkpaint and paint Christmas pictures outside
Monday 24th:  Read The Night Before Christmas and put a carrot out for the reindeer
Tuesday 25th:  Happy Christmas

Some of these activities are likely to be done more often than just the once they are on the list (stories and movies etc) but it's nice to have them on the list so we make sure we do do them.

December is always challenging for me. As a procrastinator December usually becomes the month where I think "Must Get This Done" for all the projects I am behind on or have put off all year...the month is already busy without that so it makes for interesting times! I'm hoping this list will encourage me to take time out each day with Mr Mischief and enjoy the festive season instead of being too stressed about it!

Do you have an Advent List or other way of counting down?

I'm linking up with the Christmas Traditions Linky Party over at The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse today. Why not head over and see what other traditions people are sharing?

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